WhiteSmoke Premium (85% discount)

Perfect Your English Writing, Fix Your Mistakes Instantly

Take your writing to the max: WhiteSmoke makes sure everything you type is crystal-clear, effective, and error-free. It provides a complete check and detects hundreds of grammar, spelling and syntax errors. WhiteSmoke even provides writing style suggestions and optimizes your text performance. This software goes far and beyond the typical built-in spell/grammar check in most word processors.

WhiteSmoke fully integrates to your computer and is activated with one click for an instant and comprehensive proofreading.

The core features of WhiteSmoke:

  • Advanced grammar, punctuation, writing style and spelling checker
  • Full integration with writing platforms: Microsoft Word, Outlook, Gmail and more
  • Writing performance scoring system
  • Translator & dictionary for over 50 languages
  • Web-wide Plagiarism┬áchecker

9.53/10 Stars, Gold Award for Writing Enhancement Software, TopTenReviews

  • Rated as the #1 solution for English grammar, style, spelling & punctuation
  • Activates with just one click in browser-based text editors
  • Analyzes text with unique patented artificial intelligence algorithms
  • Checks for potential plagiarism with its huge database
  • Works with Microsoft Word & Outlook to proofread your emails and documents

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